Listen To Unique 3.

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While much of hardcore was about getting on one matey, there was also a tinge of anti-drug messaging in some of the MC’s flow – at least early on and from those that came from the reggae sound system culture with it’s bigging up of ganja culture.

You’ll find tracks like the Demon Rocka’s Hard Drugs going in strong on the effects of ecstasy as it swept in – lyrical warnings about chemicals alien and new, and how they mash up your brain.

Well, here’s Unique 3 on a similar tack, we’d have shared an embed but it’s not on the tube.  Perfect little platter, bridging the gaps between dancehall, hip hop and the emerging breakbeat rave scene.

Give that Weight For The Bass tune a go too, zero best before date on that – you’d easily mistake it for a simple playground grime riddim ala Functions On The Low.  Real forward stuff.

Props to Trevor Jackson who got us on to this one, when he opened up his collection to the Boiler Room. Some gold in there.

Catch the man himself at the RBMA event on February 20th.

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