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What’s In Yer Baggy?

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With the rise of EDM stateside came the increased use of chemical enhancers. In steps the Bunk Police, they’re probs the only coppers you wouldn’t mind showing up at your rave and telling you what’s in your baggy.  Rashers Tierney fields them a few questions. There seemed to be more caution around pill use years ago than now. There was a much more heightened awareness of the need for pill/drug testing in … Read More

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#ruckusAlert: Jaki Liebezeit

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Jaki Liebezeit’s shamanistic style of drumming for Krautrock cosmonauts Can introduced a metronomic focus previously unknown in rock music. It sometimes bordered on ecstatic ritual and utterly transfixed you amidst the often rapturous carnage that was Can, where space batters time with it’s own shoe but secretly, time kind of enjoys it. Can’s Michael Karoli had this to say of the dude: “Jaki was always proud of being able to … Read More

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It’s Vinyly Friday

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Yesterday we posted on social meeja about a vinyl obsessive that transverses West Africa in search of lost gems. Meet Frank Gossner, Berlin record obsessive – some call him the Archaeologist of African vinyl.  There’s a documentary about his buzz floating around somewhere. The trailer’s above.  Gossner chases down what he calls voodoo funk on his blog. While that dude is in a league of his own (probably in a galaxy … Read More

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#ruckusAlert: !Kaboogie 8th Birthday

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Wowzerz. Seems like only yesterday when we were at those early !Kaboogie gigs, sweating a few pounds off to bass-heavy punky mashup BADMANISMS in the likes of Kennedy’s Basement and the Ice Bar (remember?). Well, it’s 8 years later so make like a cake and GET SLICEY to this lineup tomorrow night in the Twisted Pepper: YOUNG FATHERS (big dada / anticon). JAM CITY (night slugs – check this mix!). … Read More

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#spareChange: Set Phasers To Fund

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We came across the Phase One lot last year when we were in the middle of our own torturous Fund:it run. Now it’s their turn to bite their nails to the quick. The festival is of an electronica bent and houses itself in the Dock, a 19th Century former Courthouse building taken over by Leitrim’s raggle-taggle bands of artists to become an integrated arts centre. The festival which runs on … Read More