Guerilla Studios

“We had just got a gaff in North Strand so we were freaking out. We were back on Daft that night and by chance there was a place just off North Strand, a few streets from the gaff, that came up. It was the cheapest by half, everything else was €1,200 or more a month and out in the suburbs. It was part of a garage in an arch underneath a train line. So we took it and burnt through all my money setting it up which probably took about 4 months!”

Guerilla Studios stakes a claim to be the studio for underground bands in Dublin.

Bit Thompson caught up with John ‘Spud’ Murphy and asked why they set up a recording studio when the arse has fallen out of the industry.


Festival Of Dissent

While working on a project with Upstate Theatre in Drogheda, Seamus Nolan uncovered an ivy covered wall and found a graffiti tag of Ballsgrove Boot Boys symbol (a V with the three B’s).

This led to the investigation of the secret history of how the punk movement influenced Drogheda and gave its youth a critical voice.

Read more and listen to a wonderful radio doc about the scene…

The Blog


The Last Picture Show.

The entire block of buildings between Hawkins Street and Townsend Street and Apollo House is slated for demolition and reconstruction.

The Screen cinema building is a reminder not only that Dublin is locked into these cycles of capital formation but also that a collective pursuit called “cinema’s best days” are behind it. Smaller features are finding it harder to get screened.

The telly only had two channels when Eoin O’Mahony left Cork for the Big Smoke. He tells rabble how he tried to hide the whack of Benjy with Gauloises and angsty French fillums in the soon to be demolished Screen Cinema.

Marks and Sparks. 5:07pm

The shop was underground, a cavernous space of exclusivity for the chosen few who trail home from the office, dressed in the kind of suit that a culchie would be garbed in for their funeral.

Normally she would shop in Lidl, or Aldi, and their fancy stuff was enough for her. Lobster bisque for €1.49, truffle oil for €1.79; it adds a bit of luxury to the most banal of dishes, rescuing a meal reflective of her poverty from the deepest of doldrums, and, in truth, making her feel a bit special. As if she was worth it, as that advert for the hair product said.

Read the rest of this Paddy Ferris slice of flash fiction. Illustration by Mat Hedigan.

#rabble12 Comics


The Property Puzzle.

With rents back to Celtic Tiger levels or worse, here’s a rather caustic look at one of the greatest mysteries in Irish society. I’m sure we all know the answer.

The Best Of rabble…

Why Do We Hate Ticket Touts?

The last time ticket touting was a hot topic was when peeps were outraged at the rates scalpers were charging for Garth Brook’s tickets.

Now it’s back in the media because of gombeenism at the Olympics.

Jamie Goldrick rifled through the back pockets of ticket tout culture for us several issues ago.

“The support act has just finished, a fan has been trying to sell a spare ticket to anyone who is looking. A tout approaches, “I’ll give ya 25 quid”. The punter replies, “no thanks”, “who ya going to sell it to then, the support has just finished?” the tout snaps back. “Not you anyways” says the punter, who turns walking into the venue, shoving the spare ticket into their arse pocket…”
The Blog

The Blog

A space for us to spew out a variety of content on an irregular basis. Expect everything not fit for print, random musings, rabble rousing ranting, tidbits of culture and a whole lot more…

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#rabble 12 Is Out!

We’ve spent the past few months locked in our bunker cooking up another print edition.

Since you last caught up with us on paper there’s been a general election, a month of haranguing over the formation of the next government, the accelerated growth of an unprecedented homeless crisis and more policing scandals. How’s that for recovery Enda?

This issue, rabble is once again here to cut through the daily doses of bullshit you receive from the mainstream media. We’ve got more articles than you can shake a stick at and as ever are chocker block with lovingly drawn comics and cartoons.

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The newspaper boy by Luke Fallon.

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