6th Birthday

Calling all dancers, put on your dancing shoes. It’s #CultureNight soon baby!  So, we’re slouching off penning Molotov cocktails about the state of the nation. Taking a break from herding the last remaining cats onto the good ship #rabble14.

It’s decreed from Grand Marshall Mischief himself. There’s gonna be a night of skanking down in Jigsaw. Our very own parish hall for all misfits, weirdos and munters.

Better yet, it’s our bloody birthday. Six years ago this September, the first copies of rabble spread across Dublin like a dose of the session flu. Oh what a sharp rupture with the ad rags and mouthpieces for power it was!

A toast! To still being here! And to those that have supported us along the way! God knows, with the fuckery of our rulers worsening by the day, having some sort of anti-regime publication as an antidote keeps us sane.

When the free wine runs out on Culture Night and your chin is stroked raw – come find us. We’ve pulled together a cast of local stars. This is gonna one helluva night of bish bosh, bang bang, untz untz…

Fresh Up On The Blog

September 19, 2017Blog

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Win a complete collection of rabble back issues, a hape of merch and two tickets to our party on Friday. Is it too early to start talking about the weekend? Never! Well, we have this one sorted. Six years ago this September, the first co...

September 5, 2017Blog,

Up The Re:publica!

  The Dublin re:publica 2017 #rpDUB conference touches down in our humble auld town later this week and brings with it a hive of digitally minded discussions around where l society is dragging us. The conference takes in topics like hou...

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Music Feels Good

July 20, 2017

Uptown, Top Skanking.

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With Townlands Carnival beckoning this weekend, the lads at Rua Sound have put out a mix to get you into them festival vibes. It’s full of that 160 rolling goodness and features a few dubs from their extended fam. Sadly, we’ve yet to mak...

June 16, 2017

It’s A London Thing.

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With Grenfell Tower still bowling us over, here’s a track from late 2016 that captures some of the raw rage of a divided London. It’s from Jammz and was put on his I Am Grime label. It’s essentially a refix of Scott Garcia’s 1997 UK ga...

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The newspaper boy by Luke Fallon.

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rabble is a non-profit newspaper from the city’s underground. It’s collectively and independently run by volunteers. rabble aims to create a space for the passionate telling of truth, muck-raking journalism and well aimed pot-shots at illegitimate authority. Read more…

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Ah yes the accelerated growth of an unprecedented homeless crisis, more policing scandals, and the possibility of so much more labour unrest that 2016 already has more than a whiff of 1913 about it…


Say hello to the ringmaster of reaction, the web summit is examined and the 1916 commemorations get a probing…


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