• Photo by Wally Cassady

    Paying The Sweat Equity

    Since we last reported, Limerick’s City of Culture successfully dealt with its teething problems. Paul Tarpey updates us on how it demonstrated an inclusive and city-wide approach to the arts. In the beginning the worries were structural. Could the 109 projects be delivered? Before he resigned, artistic director Karl Wallace had pulled together a mix […]

  • housing

    A Battle Fought Before.

    In recent months there has been a plethora of housing action campaigns established, all wishing to raise awareness around the issue of working class housing (or the lack of it) in Ireland today.  Donal Fallon takes us back to the crowbar brigades and squatting tactics of the 1960s’ Dublin Housing Action Campaign. The 1960s witnessed […]

  • Photograph by Peter Doherty.

    A Wee Sit Down With The Lucid Lewis Kenny.

    The work of poet Lewis kenny takes in everything from skagged out MDMA session victims and urban gentrification, right up to the importance of cherishing your ma. Rashers Tierney grabbed him for a chinwag about what makes him tick. We came across your videos on Youtube, saw you pop up at a We’re Not Leaving […]

  • trad

    Murphy’s Law.

      We all know that De Valera’s vision of a Gaelic utopia manifested itself as a bit of a psychologically terrifying clusterfuck. Here, Síofra Gallagher looks at the cultural wing of his endeavours, Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (Society of the Musicians of Ireland), the organisation entrusted with promoting traditional dance and music since 1951, and asks […]

  • rte2

    #meEJit: We’re Adults! Get RTE Away From Us!

    It is remarkable just how much RTÉ can chime with Irish government policy. Oireachtas Retort looks at Montrose’s latest offering of unreality TV. The broadcaster’s role in normalising austerity and undermining dissent is nothing new but their lifestyle & entertainment content is equally insidious. Think of it as Fáilte Ireland for the home audience. Towards […]

  • A still from the film...

    They Called It Acieed.

    Rashers Tierney chats to Piers Sanderson. He’s the director of a documentary about the early 1990’s Blackburn rave scene that saw a generation find wholly new uses for warehouses in the hard hit North of England. The presence of Thatcherism hangs heavy in your trailer for your doc. Tell me what life up north was […]

  • Workplace Bullying Phil Barret

    #rabbleRaker: An Employer’s Market

    A 2010 study found that Ireland is seventh on the list of countries with the most workplace bullying in Europe. Four years on, is anything getting better? Shannon Duvall has been hearing some stories that suggest not. Defined by the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland as “repeated inappropriate behaviour, direct or indirect, whether verbal, […]

  • communion-6

    Who Works Here Belongs Here

    The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland has been kicking against the pricks for ten years now. Rashers Tierney sat down for a chat to see how the battle for inclusivity is progressing in the land of a thousand welcomes. rabble has collected anecdotal accounts of the rise of workplace bullying during the recession. Is the hidden […]

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photo by Paul Reynolds

Kelly. A Poem By Kevin Higgins.

“Kelly”, a new poem sent into us by the ever prolific Kevin Higgins. Any resemblance to a Minister for the Environment is entirely coincidental apparently. “He has balls”, a Labour Party source The clasp of his handshake once reassured prospective mothers-in-law he’d not disappoint their daughters. And though his infrastructure’s in desperate need of an upgrade, […]


Inside The Grangegorman Squat.

    Reader Sean Fitzgerald just sent this in. It’s an hour long recording of a discussion where the Grangegorman squatters outline their vision for the occupied space to members of the broader community and talk about activities in the space. The chat covers topics as diverse as guerrilla composting, free theatre and how you can […]

Jon 1st  at the 2014 Games.

Skratch That Itch.

  The annual Easter Weekend Community Skratch Games are just around the corner.  Rashers Tierney caught up with Deviant for a chinwag on the state of the scratch scene and updates on their crowdfunding campaign to produce a skipless vinyl  record. My word, it’s the future. You heads are nine years into the games now. Tell us about […]

Photo Paul Reynolds

Grangegorman Resists Eviction.

The moment an eviction contractor smashes a resident's leg with a metal bar in #Grangegorman @WSMIreland @wearerabble pic.twitter.com/VpDTKhylE5 — Julian Fitzsimons (@fitzsij) March 23, 2015     The residents of the Grangegorman squat in Dublin 7 are winding down around the heat of their bonfire following a day that lurched from apparent defeat and loss […]


Art Students Are Revolting.

NCAD Students are looking to have words with Declan McGonagle, the Director of NCAD today. So, what’s the background to all this? A student who forwarded the above letter to us said: “If someone was writing something, a good reference point is this article celebrating the rise in student numbers at the college. The campus has […]