The newspaper boy by Luke Fallon.

We are rabble

rabble is a non-profit, newspaper from the city’s underground. It’s collectively and independently run by volunteers. rabble aims to create a space for the passionate telling of truth, muck-raking journalism and well aimed pot-shots at illegitimate authority.

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Before #rabble11 shells the nation, we want to rebuild our extensive distribution list to ensure the quickest ever circulation to all and sundry.

We currently print 10,000 copies of our madcap little magazine. They arrive back in Dublin on the back of huge articulated truck, and are broken down into 200 bundles of 50 copies each. These are then shipped all over the country.

We are particularly looking for…

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Pst! Hey Have you any ideas for #rabble11?

Good afternoon little duckies, just an auld update from us lot in rabble land. #rabble10 just went up online for all your scrolly rolly reading pleasures, so this directed at those of you interested in contributing to our next little rag.

That last issue of our weird and wonderful parish newsletter came out some time back in May. So, we’re long over due another print edition. We’re going to fire up the old engine and set those creative horses galloping.

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The Blog

The Blog

A space for us to spew out a variety of content on an irregular basis. Expect everything not fit for print, random musings, rabble rousing ranting, tidbits of culture and a whole lot more…

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We sit here scratching our heads in bewilderment that we managed to make ten of these ridiculous fucking things, when we never even knew if #rabble1 would get past our late-night, round-table, mashbag discussions… The #rabble10 Editorial Rant

A 100% Volunteer Led Effort.

Fueled by a cracking time of volunteers, some kick ass fundraising opportunities and a whole lot of…


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The Back Issues


Meet the Irish Water protesters and IJoan, read about housing co-ops and enjoy our Penis O’Brien board game…



Tonnes of stuff on fracking, the arseholes messing up trad music, Cabra’s lucid Lewis Kenny and a whole pile more…


All The Rest!

You can feast on rabble back issues to your heart’s content over at All the toilet reading in the world….

Anti-Social Meeja Machines

Sometimes we can’t do much more for rabble than fart out bits and bobs on Facepuke and Twitter. It’s not like we’re full timers. There you’ll find us running a steady ticker of breaking news, interesting reads, random tunes and whatever else keeps us entertained as we slave for the wage…


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