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Cherishing Chelsea And Her Stolen Secrets.

January 20, 2017Above: A piece of street art proclaiming a hero.  Photo by Timothy Krause on Flickr. The decision by the Barack Obama administration to commute the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning is something of an anomaly of late. It is the strange phenomenon of a good news headline. With Trump rising to the throne, Sean Finnan takes a look. There is a ... Read More

RIP K-Punk.

January 16, 2017Since the death of cultural theorist and pop music exorcist Mark Fisher we’ve been delving deep into his work. Fisher’s long running K-punk blog explored the past’s spectre like existence in modern capitalist society. The lecture Fisher gave below at the University of Warwick summarises how we conceive of time in capitalist society. Take a half an hour to watch ... Read More

Why Is The US Military Still Using Shannon Airport?

January 12, 2017Fifteen years on from mass protests against the US military use of Shannon airport, determined activists continue to hold monthly peace vigils against this flagrant violation of Irish neutrality.

Something For The Weekend

January 12, 2017New year, new tunes. We're back to the grind here at rabble planning for the year ahead but don't worry, we still have time to party. Easing us in to the new year is Italian selector a.p. prods. The Flipside crew are bringing him to Tengu this Saturday with Mark Murphy and Daire Carolan on support. We're looking forward to this one.

Remember Rachel.

January 11, 2017Released yesterday on the anniversary of Rachel Peavoy’s death in 2010, this radio play is inspired by that tragedy of a young mother dying of hypothermia in a council flat and the bungling bureaucracy that whitewashed the council’s neglect.   The play was put together by Alan O’Brien who can often be seen around this parish. Here’s some details on ... Read More

Government Sells Out Apollo.

January 10, 2017The government has abandoned its promises to Apollo house for “safe, secure accommodation”. The video above gets emotional as one of the activists reads the Home Sweet Home press statement. Get down there tomorrow and defend their right to proper accommodation. This is a real slap in the face for the residents. More bits for you to read No related ... Read More

Gombeen Nation Tee!

Nothing plants a smile on our face more than opening a box of fresh rabble merch and we’ve a new tee in the pipe.

Ages ago we ran a design competition for a new tee with The T Shirt Company. Mat Hedigan won. He’s a musician and artist based in Dublin who had this to say about the character on the tshirt:

“I tried not to base the character in the illustration on any particular high profile person in the politics or media, he’s more an amalgamation of the worst geebags who routinely take advantage of their positions of power in this country.”

We’re opening this to pre-orders now. We’ll be limiting the run to 50 and want to get exact sizes and colours.

Dosh raised goes into printing #rabble13.

The Blog

The Blog

A space for us to spew out a variety of content on an irregular basis. Expect everything not fit for print, random musings, rabble rousing ranting, tidbits of culture and a whole lot more…

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#rabble 12 Is Out!

We’ve spent the past few months locked in our bunker cooking up another print edition.

Since you last caught up with us on paper there’s been a general election, a month of haranguing over the formation of the next government, the accelerated growth of an unprecedented homeless crisis and more policing scandals. How’s that for recovery Enda?

This issue, rabble is once again here to cut through the daily doses of bullshit you receive from the mainstream media. We’ve got more articles than you can shake a stick at and as ever are chocker block with lovingly drawn comics and cartoons.

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The newspaper boy by Luke Fallon.

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