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Credit: Philip Barrett produced this illustration for an article on life in Google.  Replace that ball with a WordPress one and you’ve some glimpse of recent days in the rabble Bunker. Our tech department have been busy making like Billy Peltzer’s ma and microwaving any Gremlins found lurking around the gaff but if you come across any, do let us know.




We’ve had a bit of a face lift around these parts with our old website getting junked and this fancy new responsive thing taking its place.

Over the years we’ve built quite a reputation for our quick fire social media news aggregation, banter antics and over all mischief making on the auld Facepuke and Twitter.  That social media churn while having its own charm has meant our web presence went a bit neglected. Sure we’d get the issues online but regular original content could be a bit slow in the pipe while we’d machine gun stuff out to a huge audience on social media.

Bizarrely, a lot of that audience express surprise when they realise we do a print publication, no matter how irregularly it comes out. Such is the mind melt that is Facebook.

Regardless, our negotiations with Facebook for some form of living stipend for our work have fallen into nothingness, leaving us with no option but to dedicate more of our time to beefing up our own online platform. This thing you are looking at now. Our own website. Call it an effort to heal the disjuncture between our social media work and print.

Whatever about Twitter, Facebook was always a necessary evil for us.  A quick convenient fix that allowed us to pump out our rabble world view while chained to the day job with the added benefit of connecting us to a hive mind of like minded individuals raging against the Gombeen caste

We’re aiming to strike a balance now, to re-emphasis that part of our work focused on original content and commentary.  The new site is a good bit less static, letting us bring a little bit of the flair and flavour of the print edition to these never ending HTML landscapes.

We’ve sent some of our old website sections off to the digital scrapper and we’ll be unfurling new ones in the coming weeks and highlighting some of our favorite content from these heady few years of independent publishing.

We’re not going to make like the mid 1990s and go all techno-utopian. Our print arm is not being decommissioned. Far from it.

There’ll be some updates about banging parties, upcoming rabble print editions and general shennanigans too.

Sure you’re here now, take a scroll around.  We’ll always be here.

A little signal broadcast every day.  Kicking against the pricks.




  1. Great news! I like the paper and utilising your website will mean those who have resisted the lure of facepuke can engage more online. May the decline of fb begin..

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