A Class Act.

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Soundmigration has some pertinent questions for the country’s political journo class. He’s got a lengthy enough post over on his blog where he takes a meat cleaver to the Irish Times’ coverage of the IFSC Clearing House Group. Reality maps too closely onto satire it seems. Is this retreat into personality as politics and politics as successive pseudo-entertaining events because current mainstream journalists lack the space to develop their own … Read More

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#rabbleReels: A Joyful Slog On Vodo.net

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Vodo.net is a rather brilliant peer-to-peer network that has been allowing independent film makers reach out to large international audience for some time. Dublin Community TV’s A Joyful Slog documentary has released their masterful manifesto for the Dublin indie scene there. The great thing about Vodo is how it lets you throw some change the way of the film makers too. With the spin off TV series Community of Independents … Read More

The Session Pixies: rabble’s Holistic Living and Lifestyle Gurus.

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Winter is coming, and loads of hefty fuel bills as you heat a poorly insulated, damp, rented gaff from a minted landlord who probably has under floor heating and triple bleedin glazing in his McMansion down culchie land. So, roll on the 8th of October when those in receipt of Fuel Allowance will get an extra 20 quid per week with their Social Welfare payment for the following 6 months of Irish Winter.

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[Disability] Diary of a Cripple 4

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Paul Bloof jumped off a ten foot wall some time ago, it left him in a wheelchair for a while. When you go from being a regular hyperactive sociopath to a wheelchair-bound invalid overnight suddenly you have a lot of explaining to do. The events have be recounted to one and all so the hows , whys and medical updates were uploaded to a blog site called Body Salami to … Read More

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Session Pixies: Holistic Lifestyle Column from #rabble4

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After mauling the face off one of our editors, that nymphomaniac beast Sex Panther had to be returned to his rightful owner. Meet our new holistic lifestyle, advice and counselling peddlers – the Session Pixies…   Dear Session Pixies, How often should me dog be needing a shit? James, Rathmines. Well Now James, That would all depend on the canine in question, its digestive tract and the type of food … Read More

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Birthday Party! rabble’s Parish Hall Strictly Vinyl Soundclash! September 22nd, King 7….

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That’s right folks, it’s one year since that glorious first issue of Dublin’s parish newsletter for the pissed off and disgruntled arrived back from the printer. We’ve been very busy bunnies since and feel we’re owed a celebration. To mark rabble’s first birthday we’re inviting a cadre of our favorite local DJs to fight for supremacy in our very own strictly vinyl soundclash.

We Will Overcome…

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The term “personal assistant” in the context of Disabled people’s lives is part of the 50-year old worldwide disability movement. Rosaleen McDonagh brings you rabblers up to date about how the cuts to PA’s were defeated.