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*Breaking* Israel Ground Invasion of Gaza & Bethlehem begins

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Harry Fear, an independent documentary maker and activist is streaming live from a hotel in Gaza city.   He has reported that Israel has begun a ground invasion of Gaza and the West Bank… Airstrikes are ongoing throughout Gaza. Tanks have invaded Bethlehem and other areas of West Bank. Resistance fighters are engaging Tanks entering Gaza Fear is livestreaming as explosions are heard from his hotel room. Watch live here … Read More

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I Predict A Riot.

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  The G8 might be in Fermanagh. From the Belfast Telegraph.   “The five-star Lough Erne complex in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, is believed to be one of several UK locations in the running to host the exclusive gathering of world leaders. No final decision has been taken, Downing Street said.”   The hotel website has adjusted it’s activity listings to include action medic workshops, black bloc street manoeuvres and basic … Read More

Talk About Rubbing It In.

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Jon Bon Jovi’s young one overdoses on smack and gets arrested. Talk about rubbing it in. “Bongiovi’s story made news because her father is a famous star, but thousands die every year without any attention at all. Accidental overdose has become a crisis New York and around the country as the number of overdose deaths from both legal and illegal drugs has skyrocketed; there are more accidental deaths from overdose … Read More

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Occupy feeds FEMA. Govt abandons New York

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Large swathes of New York and New Jersey have been all but abandoned by federal relief agencies following the natural disaster that was Hurricane Sandy. As the hurricane was hitting the eastern seaboard, Occupy veterans began mobilising and set up an umbrella network ‘Occupy Sandy’. While the govt agencies approved measures such as turning off power (mainly in poorer areas) it was presumed that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and … Read More

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Another election another war

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While Israel postponed its attack on Iran it has planned for months to launch another massive attack on Gaza. Coming up is the general election in January and there’s nothing like blood for getting the voters out. If you feel so inclined there are demonstrations at various locations across Ireland and the UK this evening. Emergency Protests for Gaza in Ireland and Britain A number of Emergency Demonstrations are taking … Read More

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The World’s Poorest President.

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Seventy seven year old Jose Mujica, like many Uruguayans, lives a life uncluttered by the possessions associated with our consumerist societies. Last year his declared assets amounted to nothing else but his 1987 Volkswagen Beetle. He takes home the average pay of €550 per month, lives with his wife, his three-legged dog Manuela and his chickens. What marks him out as different is he also happens to be a former … Read More

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Vigil at Dáil in memory of Savita Halappanavar

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Approximately 2,000 people attended a vigil outside the Dáil this evening to mark their anger over the passing of Galway woman Savita Halappanavar.   An emotional public meeting included speakers Clare Daly, members of Choice Ireland and non-affiliated individuals who spoke of their anger and sorrow at the death of Savita and the state of Ireland’s legislation on abortion. More Photos below:    

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Biblical attack on Gaza ‘Planned months ago’

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A four-year-old girl is amongst the first to die in a new Israeli attack. ‘Team of pyromaniacs want to cause war on the eve of elections’ says Meretz party official of Israeli govt – Netenyahu has expanded from attacks on Syria yesterday with a long-expected war ‘theatre’ ahead of January’s general election. Already reports claim this is the biggest attack on Gaza since the 2009 ‘Operation Cast Lead’ which saw 1400 Palestinians, … Read More

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Oi! Giz A Hand With Distro!

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Howayiz. rabble #5 is winging it’s way into Dublin as we speak. Now it’s time to get rid of the fucker. We’ve a developed a system of scatterers and distro hubs over the past few issues. A scatterer is someone that takes away bundles of the paper, and throws them to the wind – to their mates and around their hood. A distro hub is somewhere we can leave multiple … Read More