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#rabbleReels: House of Cards The Original Series

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Desperate grappling for power, destructive sociopathic (is that a word?!) sexual intrigue and the corridors of British Conservativism – all make for a  a heady brew in House of Cards. There’s been hapes of hype poured out online about how the Netflix streaming service has come of age, with its 14 episode remake of this original BBC series –  all served up to satisfy the sort of TV binges we saw sketched in Portlandia. We’ve … Read More

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Three Alternative Paddy’s Day Flicks.

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If it’s all a little fiddly dee out there and you just want some chewing gum for the brain – here’s some ideas. We’ve sought out some Paddy’s Day tosh – all loaded with more fear than sentimentality. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, so do send in your own suggestions – we’ll need fuel for the couch tomorrow. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch Halloween 3 is your usual 1980’s horror … Read More


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‘ORIGIN’ – Some lad takes a microdot in the Airport, japes ensue. Or the official line from SoulJacker who have just released the critically appraised short film on YouTube – A young man is on the brink of emigration, but as he races through the streets of Dublin he comes to realise the spirit he’s leaving behind. Directed by James Stacey Produced by Sean Smith

An Italo Sunday Session!

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Feeling like a bop to some thrashy italo on a Sunday? You could fare worse than trundling down to this. The Odessa Club might smack of Celtic Tiger z-celebrity excess, but they’ve downplayed their game in recent years. So, don’t be  put off by whatever memories might linger from those horrible days, the place has a class drinking terrace and seems to tolerate more belligerence than before.  The cocktails were damn cheap … Read More

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You An Excuse?

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Eat Your Children TRAILER from Stinging Hornet Films on Vimeo.   We’ve all had barstool conversations about our nation’s compliance with austerity, now someone has decided to make a film about it. rabble caught up with Treasa O’Brien of Too Good To Resist, as they run into the last nail biting days of their appeal.   Okay, so first up – can you give me some idea of what motivated … Read More

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Happy Birthday George

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rabble visited the Lighthouse Cinema this evening to celebrate the 90th birthday of George Morrison Amongst the great and the good rabble was delighted to witness a compilation of some of George’s greatest hits including clips of Mise Eire, Saoirse and a selection of bio-pic shorts dedicated to the great man. Amongst those celebrating the film-maker’s birthday were the President Michael D. Higgins, Oscar nominated director Jim Sheridan, actor Adrian … Read More

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French Film Festival

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  We happened to be in the IFI this evening and caught Juliette Binoche attending the premiere of her latest performane in La Vie D’une Autre (Another Woman’s Life), the directorial debut of Sylvie Testud.

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#rabbleReels: A Joyful Slog On

In Blog, Culture, Film by rabbleLeave a Comment is a rather brilliant peer-to-peer network that has been allowing independent film makers reach out to large international audience for some time. Dublin Community TV’s A Joyful Slog documentary has released their masterful manifesto for the Dublin indie scene there. The great thing about Vodo is how it lets you throw some change the way of the film makers too. With the spin off TV series Community of Independents … Read More