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Is It Worth It?

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Life, death, community and hope – listen up or speak your mind tonight (8pm Thurs, 11 Sept) at Bohemian Football Club bar in Phibsboro. A free-entry Spoken Word event featuring the talents of Lewis Kenny, Cormac Fitz, Temper-Mental MissElayneous, Colm Keegan & Paul Curran (see Lewis perform ‘Cabra’ in the video above). For more info check the Facebook event here.

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The Roots Of Rasta Rebellion.

In Blog, Politics by Rashers Tierney7 Comments

  What do the red, gold and green colours mean to you? If you answered the Carlow GAA team, then this probably isn’t for you. It’s a new BBC radio documentary about the emergence of Rastafarianism. Presented by British MC Akala, it charts the early influence of pan-Africanism and how rasta spread far beyond religion. Here’s how the descriptor for the first episode puts it: “In this first part of the series, … Read More

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Canada’s Prince of Pot Is Out.

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Cannabis seed distributor Marc Emery was greeted by friends and fans in Toronto yesterday after four years locked up in the States. Emery is an articulate proponent of cannabis reform and counter-cultural entrepreneur extraordinaire. Emery was a well known thorn in the side of the London Ontario political establishment, he ran a bookshop called City Lights named after the quintessential San Fransico beat store. He railed against Sunday closing, censorship and found himself in battles … Read More

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Boomtown’s Back With A Bang.

In Blog, Culture by Rashers Tierney and Darragh Lynch1 Comment

  In little under a week, half the rabble team will be mitching off work early and catching the snail and rail across the Irish sea to enter the parallel universe of Winchester’s Boomtown Fair. Rashers Tierney and Darragh Lynch threw together this round up of Irish acts making the voyage over. We missed out last summer, opting instead for hometown madness – but after slaving away slopping out pints … Read More

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The Baffler Goes Online.

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Cranky mid-90’s alternative lefty rag The Baffler’s just put all its back issues online for the first time with a bang new website. Considered razor sharp in its day, there’s a treasure trove for print nerds to work through. The magazine published some game changing pieces. Thomas Frank’s What’s The Matter With Kansas? grabbed the issue of elctorates voting against their own interests by the scruff of the neck. And plenty of … Read More

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Dáil Cowboys.

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Aiken Promotions, the GAA and the DCC manager Owen Keegan have been called to a meeting of the Oireachtas Tourism Committee tomorrow. But there’s more… Cllr Nial Ring of I can’t believe it’s not Fianna Fáil, has called for Garth Brooks to be called before the Oireachtas. Nial is a former member of Bertie’s Drumcondra mafia and has a past that ticks all the boxes to see him strap on spurs before … Read More

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Ruin Fetishism: Documenting Europe’s Derelicts.

In #rabble8, Blog, Culture, Politics by Stephen Bourke Leave a Comment

With the number of ghost estates across the country estimated at over 900, Stephen Bourke talks to photographer Lisa Furness about her work documenting derelict buildings & squatting in Ireland, London & Spain. The big criticism of Urban exploration and the like is that it’s ‘ruin fetishism’. How do you respond to that? I see a lot of pictures that make empty buildings look dramatic and exciting. I see a … Read More

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Threat Of Flying Ravers Sees Party Shutdown.

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Nordie sessioners have had the plug pulled on an up-coming rave by their friends in the PSNI. Summer has been officially ruined according to some. The police service doled out a harsh scolding to their social meeja followers. Ravers were intent on upholding the tradition of raving in dangerous places out of their minds. In this case, the location was near a quarry with unstable ground. We love that old … Read More

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#rabbleComp: Win Tickets To Seven Quarters.

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 Long time slave horse to Dublin’s gigging hordes (and rabble office share buddy…) Barry Lennon got in touch to tell us about his new club night. Lennon who also moonlights as the frontman for Hands Up Who Wants To Die and whips out community TV productions like Generator (the first episode of the new season is out now…) by day, was part of the duo behind the Richter Collective. Basically you … Read More