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Being Seán.

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Above: A still of Seán and an iconic United Irishman cover. Check out the trailer for the documentary which is being premiered on Tuesday May 15th in the Sugar Club. Tickets available here. Seán Garland is one of the giants of Irish republicanism. As a young man he bore the slain body of the mythologized Sean South after the  Brookeborough raid during the Border Campaign. He led a life that put … Read More

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Say Hello To The Shotgun Wedding From Hell.

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  Above: Arlene Foster speaking at the 2014 DUP Conference at La Mon House Hotel. Explaining to anyone who isn’t from Northern Ireland who exactly the Democratic Unionist Party are – something that’s been asked all over the internet since Friday morning’s dramatic events – and what exactly their problem is (a follow up question usually delivered in the next breath), always feels slightly odd to Tommy Downshire. So, we … Read More

What Was The Point Of That?

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Above: Photographer Giuseppe Milo captures this piece of graffiti in the Bogside. Check out more of his work here. Well, that was pointless. To borrow a McGregorism. It should come as a surprise “to absolutely nobody” that talks intended to produce a new power-sharing executive in the North ended in failure last week.  Tommy Downshire takes us through what’s happening up the road. The two largest parties, the DUP and … Read More

It Heats Up.

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    Last Friday, we headed up to meet residents in Carrickfergus who were concerned that a company called Infrastrata were about to start drilling works in the Woodburn Forest. After a blockade and an arrest the day before, things were at a lull when we landed. You can take a look at our report here for some background on their concerns. It’s heating up again though, as this report just … Read More

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Bigotry Sans Borders.

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    Mícheál Donnchaidh is a Nordie Socialist Party activist and political cartoonist. Here he lands a dig at the bigot bill allowing religious discrimination being pushed through by everyone’s favorite gang of party poopers the DUP. Not only did their man Nelson McCausland ire the whole night time economy with a “chain up the swings” piecemeal attempt to sort out the place’s poxy licensing laws but the DUP also drove a leading restaurant owner out … Read More

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#lookUp8: Murray and Sons Tobacco Factory.

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Believe it or not, before vaporisers folks used to actually smoke something called tobacco?! Peg Leeson takes a look at a nasty habit, a factory that used to produce it and the women who worked there. Of course we still have folks getting sacked for trying to start unions but hey who chews tobacco anymore?! Look up out the back of the Victoria Train Station, no not the multi-storey atrocity … Read More

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Orange Kulture.

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As the 12th of July approaches this year’s bonfires are being plastered with Anna Lo posters. The Orange Order marching season (and accompanying bonfires) is never a time for love and understanding but this year’s novelty ‘Guy Fawkes’ figure is the northern MLA who received such abuse it prompted her family to ask her to leave her home of 40 years. She admitted she doesn’t feel safe and will leave politics in … Read More

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Threat Of Flying Ravers Sees Party Shutdown.

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Nordie sessioners have had the plug pulled on an up-coming rave by their friends in the PSNI. Summer has been officially ruined according to some. The police service doled out a harsh scolding to their social meeja followers. Ravers were intent on upholding the tradition of raving in dangerous places out of their minds. In this case, the location was near a quarry with unstable ground. We love that old … Read More

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#clubbersCognotes: Dancing On Narrower Ground

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Belfast might not be synonymous with sweaty dancefloors and top-notch line-ups, but a fledgling scene has taken root and is dancing to the beat of its own drum. Tiarnán Ó Muilleoir dishes up the ravey gravy. If your knowledge of dance music and Belfast doesn’t extend further than the live news cycle, you might be surprised to find there’s more to it than dodgy pills and drunken teenagers fighting at … Read More