RTÉ is Anti Catholic

RTE is ‘Anti-Catholic’

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RTÉ is Anti Catholic

RTÉ is Anti Catholic

If you didn’t catch RTÉ’s The Late Debate on Thursday night last (in a week awash with RTÉ fawning over the exit of the Pope from office) then we highly recommend catching up now.

MP3 from the RTÉ website can be downloaded here

Fr. Joe Mcdonald of Ballyfermot and Senator Ronan Mullen of LaLa Land first complained that there was an atheist on the panel before rounding on an abuse survivor, Marie Collins, for claiming the church leadership had failed to deal with abuse well enough. After their agressive behaviour McDonald complained

“I got a lot of texts and emails and the general tenor is that, on the day that it was, when the Pope left Rome, could RTÉ for once not lay off the Church scandals and be a bit more circumspect and a bit more balanced?”

It get’s really tasty from around the 37 minute mark as the masks slip from Mullen & McDonald. It would be shocking if we didn’t already know about child abuse and those covering it up and blaming the victims.

More from The Examiner here: Priest accuses RTE of imbalance in abuse row


  1. Ah here…..bout time people got a grip….of them. And throttled them.

  2. that’s just the death-rattle of Vatican2 Luke, we’ll be back to broadcasts of the full Latin mass & pubs closing for holy hour by end of the year

  3. Great that they’re literate enough to go and make a banner.Now if they can just make one that says sorry to abuse survivors I might have more respect for their sensitivities.

  4. Thing is, RTE can be legitimately called ‘anti-Catholic’ after a defamatory Prime Time. It was much mooted in the media afterwards also. It’s one thing to be pro-abortion, which I respect, whereas I don’t respect your mocking other people’s faith

  5. Who’s mocking anyone’s faith here Peter? The hierarchy hardly can be called representative of the majority of people that cling to spiritual belief. We’ll stop knocking the likes of Ronan Mullen when he pulls his god bothering nose out of how we govern our country.

  6. Those ‘Christian brothers’ McDonald&Mullen were really aggressive and abusive from the start of program and got worse when people stood up to them. ‘Men of faith’, smug hypocrites both of them.

  7. ‘Holy joes’? Not mocking faith? Lots has charged in RTE in recent years so looking back over 40 years is not representative. The prime time ‘investigation’ is an example of this, as mentioned in other media in the programme’s aftermath. Relative silence on Bethany House and other Protestant sexual abuse highlights it also, but sadly RTE are not the only ones who enjoy using catholic wrong doing, and ignoring other wrong doing, with little or no real sympathy for the victims of such heinous crimes.

  8. I’m sorry but I’m not going to suddenly start feeling sympathetic for an institution that considers me a second class human, and denies my ability to decide what happens to my body, because I was born with a uterus. That refuses to recognise the equality of my gay friends and their relationships or which by refusing to support the use of condoms has condemned millions to death from AIDS.
    I fully respect peoples personal beliefs but that is where it stops. The Roman Catholic Church and its hierarchy has no place in the government of this or any other country.
    As for abuse in other institutions. Admitting the culpability of the State iis a major step forward. To suggest that RTE is covering up for abuse in the institutions of other religions reeks of tinfoil hats and fluoridated mind control.

  9. Cabbage, do your research will ye! The spread of aids, particularly in Africa where it is rampant, has more to do with unhygienic practices in health centres than with any religious organisation. The notion that condoms are the solution to the aids crisis, is at best infantile. The rest of your post is just a mindless rant, nothing sensible to be said about it

  10. Cabbage it’s a pity you haven’t educated yourself more on the spread of AIDs in Africa. If you had, you wouldn’t be using google to find reports, from apparently reputable bodies, to support your position. I find it also amazing when people decide large international organisations to be reputable and when not. The use of condoms and indeed focusing on sexual behaviour, as told by independent sources who have worked in Africa for years and done so for no financial gain, has had little impact on reducing the spread of aids. So you are way out of line saying “by refusing to support the use of condoms has condemned millions to death from AIDS”. It’s an outrageous and populist comment. Other aspects of catholic church behaviour and teaching we may agree on.

  11. Sorry Peter – the current and the previous Pope both lied about condoms to the Africans, their deceit and actions led directly to the deaths of millions of people all in the name of not having sex before marriage. This isn’t populism, it’s the basic facts.
    Condoms prevent aids, there were dinosaurs and the world wasn’t built in 6 days.

  12. Pro-Life organisations under direct papal guidelines are committed to lying about condoms. They block or hamper the distribution of condoms and they give misinformation for instance telling uneducated Africans that HIV can get through the little holes in condoms. between 1m and 1.2million africans die every year as a result of AIDS.
    Some brave christian brothers and priests secretly distribute condoms in fear of ex-communication but in order to save as many lives as they can.

  13. I can only call on you again to eduacte yourself on the topic. The assertion that “by refusing to support the use of condoms has condemned millions to death from AIDS” is false. Again, educate yourself. My information comes directly from people who worked, mainly, in east Africa and have no affiliations to any religion. In fact I believe they are atheist.

  14. Come on Peter, you are coming on here and saying organisations like the WHO are not reputable but that we should bend to a set of anecdotes and stories some of your mates told you? Right so – well so and so told me, and he knows cos he worked over there that you are completely wrong and that your argument is bollix. And he should know, cos he worked over there and saw with his own eyes. Does that sound like reasoned debate to you? If condoms and sexual health education have little role to play in preventing the spread of HIV (In africa, and just about anywhere else…) can you please state clearly what other options there are? Abstinence? Strange that a lot of what you say here really seems to chime in with the Catholic hierarchy – or do you just enjoy trolling?

  15. Prods, Jesus lickers, allah the man god, hindi hindu im rich poor you and all other bullshit associated with religion……Would the most devine and upmost highest of creed of charitable concern please step forward and subsidise our paradise world??……….blank cheque..empty will….bullshit the lot of ya

  16. Mullen is an odious bigot.

    I really hate that my taxes are paying this slimeball and subsidising his Religious fundamentalism.

    Can’t wait to vote to abolish the Senate.

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