#rabbleReels: Secrets And Children.

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Daniel McAnaspie was murdered while in state care

Daniel McAnaspie was murdered while in state care.


Sinead O’Shea’s stark documentary for Al Jazeera investigates the number of children who died in the state’s care during the 2000’s and the neglect and abuse faced by children in its care services.


“I think that the HSE is essentially a busted flush in dealing with children’s services. The HSE has been a grossly dissfunctional agency right across the health service. It’s been a disaster in the childcare area.”

– Alan Shatter TD

At least 188 of the 5,000 children that had passed through their care in the decade died. This information only came after 18 months of searching and two false reports of 20 then 37 deaths. There are still no figures on how many children flagged as ‘at risk’ that may have died in that period.

One of the children who died was Daniel McAnaspie – since the documentary there has been one murder trial which has collapsed and another is set for October of 2014.

See more from Sinéad O’Shea here.


  1. I think this programme was made some years ago, but relevant all the same.

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