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Avanti Popolo!

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The experience of the Italian Communist Party has much to teach us, and we are of course very proud of that heritage, dating back to the resistance, but at the same time our world is now very different, and we must find our own responses to the problems of today.

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Far Right Rising?

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The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the far right all over Europe.Ireland is no exception. With the election of Trump they are starting to come out of the woodwork. A new party The National Party is being launched tomorrow in the plush surroundings of the Merrion Square Hotel.

Speaking at the launch will be nutter Justin Barrett ex Youth Defence, Mother and Child Campaign and No to Nice and James Reynolds the deputy president. Their message is of a similar rhetoric to that of Trump, anti-elitist, anti-immigration, anti multiculturalism, and of course speaking on behalf of the “silent majority”.

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Love Football, Hate Apartheid.

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As an Israeli team played Dundalk last Thursday, several hundred protestors stood outside the ground demanding that cultural and sporting links with Israel be cut until Israel respects the rights of Palestinians. Most of the fans on the night were supportive and there were a fair few Palestinian flag flown inside the stadium. However the keyboard warriors were busy.

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Racist Politician.

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Activists from Monaghan are attempting to put pressure on an independent councilor after recent remarks in a Monaghan municipal district meeting. Councillor Seamus Treanor stated that 98% of Muslims who came to Ireland “never worked and did not want to work” and that “they all want to come here but show absolutely no respect for our laws or culture.” The councillor has form, previously claiming on local and national radio … Read More

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Ah Jaysus.

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The notorious troll Katie Hopkins (previously kept well fed by rags like The Sun and the Daily Mail…) has come out with a right Paddy bashing clanger in this clip with Angela Scanlon. She’s taken to calling herself “the Jesus of the outspoken.” And at the age of 41, between ourselves like, she’s probably well over due crucifixion. It puts us in mind of a brilliant piece some time ago … Read More

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Ain’t It Hard.

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It was Nina Simone’s birthday yesterday. So, we reached into the archives of time and dusted off this rendition of her putting her unique stamp on Baltimore.  It’s a pretty aching number about inner city decay and that desire for escape. Written by Randy Newman no less. There’s also a cover version of it from a tribute album that came out alongside that What Happened, Miss Simone documentary. The video … Read More

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Pathetic PEGIDA.

In Blog, Highlights, Politicsby Ed Ludd9 Comments

Above: rabble’s footage of the fascists legging it off can be seen on Youtube.  Elsewhere, Flickr user BagelCurry shared an album of gorgeous monochrome shots from the demonstration yesterday too.   So,  after all their online bluster and hype yesterday saw a pitiful turn out from PEGIDA, while their scattered far-right sympathizers were forced to cower in the side streets of our capital. When it came down to it pathetic PEGIDA were … Read More

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Love Not Hate.

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Action Against Racism launched a one minute video about their campaign for Hate Crime legislation in Ireland. They want Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to enact a hate crime bill which had been commissioned by government sometime in 2015.  Activists with the campaign are joined by a range of celebrities.  See who you can spot. Give their petition a gander right here.

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Same As It Ever Was.

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Pictured: Paul Reynolds took this snap of John Connors with Damien Dempsey at the recent Moore St demonstrations. While inset is a picture of John’s ancestor Patrick Ward.   Not all the heroes of 1916 became household names. So, we might run an infrequent series this year to highlight some of those we come across. Actor John Connors shared this story of his ancestor Patrick Ward. It goes like this: … Read More