Flat Whites and Fascism.

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Spotted on Manor St in Stoneybatter yesterday. Report at iReport.ie if you see any of these nasties lying around. Or better yet rip them down. Read our take on the Irish far right here.  

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Idiots Ireland.

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So, those dopes at Identity Ireland just issued a press statement but forgot to expunge it of their own bile at the start. Ouch. Hate that. Earlier in the month, Peter O’Loughlin, the Carlow man spearheading this new anti-immigration platform addressed a rally organised in Dresden by Pegida, a German far right movement. He said: “For those of us that take our responsibility seriously and speak out against he criminal … Read More

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Divide and Conquer.

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The Great Wall is a studied meditation on the nature of borders in the 21st Century. On one side we have the towering urban powerhouses of capital and on the other the wretched of the earth. Throw in a chilling soundtrack, stunning cinematics, a riff on Franz Kafka and you’ve a work that puts a dose of dystopian shits right up ya. Rashers Tierney had a tick for tack with  the … Read More

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Children Of Golden Dawn.

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A group called Jail Golden Dawn have jacked a TV Advert by the neo-Nazi organisation. The advert which shows Greek children wishing that they won’t become a minority in their own country is spliced with footage of leading GD member Pappas teaching his young children to give the Hitler salute. Read Human Rights in Ireland opinion piece on the media and civil society’s response to the refugee crisis here.

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Unchallenged Racism On National TV.

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Tracy Ryan of Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity on OpinionLine 96 On the Claire Byrne Live Show on Monday there was a segment on the Refugee Crisis framed from an Irish perspective. As usual on the show none of the facts were checked, challenged or corrected. Anyone who remembers Byrne’s shows before the Marriage Referendum will be unsurprised. In the name of “balance” we get nodding heads and serious brows while … Read More

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The Irish Far Shite.

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Riding the wave of demonstrations across Europe following the Charlie Hebdo killings, a group calling themselves anti-Islam Ireland held a protest rally outside the Islamic Cultural centre and Mosque in Clonskeagh. how strong are such far right groups here? David Fleming asks some anti-fascist activists. According to the group’s spokesperson Sandra Archer, they were there “to highlight wrong doings by the Islamic faith across the world”. The group consisted of … Read More

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You’ll Never Be Irish To Some People.

In #rabble9, Blog, Illustration, Politics, Print Editionby Joesph Loughane22 Comments

Joesph Loughnane was walking to the offie with a few mates one day when they were stopped by two young lads in their mid to late teens. They were looking for a cigarette so they kindly obliged. What happened next might surprise you. One of them looked like he’d had a few cans already; cocky as hell, not a bother on him. A mate started chatting to them while I … Read More

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Stats A Lot Of Racism.

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  Ireland experienced its first major phase of immigration in the mid to late nineties. Racist abuse and assault on the streets of our towns and cities, but also at the hands of the state and the media, is nothing new here. David Fleming tots up the figures and looks at the facts. Statistics released by the Immigrant Council of Ireland show a disturbing 85% increase in reports of racist … Read More

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What Does Facebook Consider To Be Hate Speech?

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  While wading through hours of video shot in portrait this morning in rabble Towers we came across a new race hate site, Preserve Europe. Using this real example we ask is Facebook’s own policy against hate speech being ignored by their professional moderators? [Update 19 Nov. 2014: Page referred to in this article is no longer available]  While a great deal of their posts appear to be based around … Read More