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A Chat With The Mad Professor.

In Uncategorizedby Tommy Rash

Tommy Rash had an extended chat with dub reggae producer extraordinaire and all round ledgebag The Mad Professor. It starts off with calypso but takes in punk, ebola and even the Hot House fecking Flowers along the way. Jump to the end for details on how to nab tickets to his World Music Embassy gigs.   Do you remember the last time you were over in Ireland? Laughs.. No I don’t! … Read More

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Direct Questions.

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn8 Comments

The headline in Saturday’s Irish Times was disappointing. It turns out it was also incorrect. Stephen Collins misrepresented the Ipsos MRBI poll carried out for the IT when he wrote: A majority of voters believe asylum seekers should be kept under direct State provision rather than being allowed to work or claim benefits, according to the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll. Asked what they think should happen, 54 per cent said … Read More

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No News Like Old News.

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Doing the rounds on social media ahead of tomorrow’s Irish Water  protests is a Niall O’Connor ‘EXCLUSIVE’ in the Hedild. It mirrors a piece by ‘Ace reporter’ Ken Foy of the Indo from July in which he hacked up a two year old Garda operation and vomited it onto the page. The lads are not alone. ‘Operation Aughrim’ is an all-encompassing codeword for what appears to be regular Garda business that is … Read More

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Warriors Come Out To Play.

In Blog, Politicsby Rashers Tierney1 Comment

Last week’s killing of an unarmed 18 year old Micheal Brown by an officer called Darren Wilson, gave the world not only a glimpse of the racialisation of policing in the United States but a shocking window into how local police forces are amping up their military capacity. Much of the social media surprise around this latest cold killing in the States has been over the military grade weaponry and tactics broken … Read More

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You’re Dead? You Deserve To Be Dead.

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The comedian Joan Rivers continues to be outspoken on the plight of trapped Palestinians in the Gaza strip. When asked by TMZ reporter about the 2,000 deaths in Gaza she responded: “When you declare war, you declare war. They started it. We now don’t count who’s dead. You’re dead, you deserve to be dead. Don’t you dare make me feel bad about that.” “They were told to get out. They didn’t … Read More

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Wanna Kick-Off Against Racism?

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The good people of SARI (Sport Against Racism Ireland) are looking for 7-a-side teams for September’s ‘Soccerfest’ in Dublin. It’s going to be the 18th year of the festival, and it’s due to take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of September down in the Phoenix Park.  Deadline for registration is Friday 15th of August.  Here’s what their website has to say: Soccerfest is open to men’s, women’s, Under-13’s … Read More

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When Genocide Is Permissible.

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Disappointed in Times Of Israel for caving to pressure, deleting my article "When Genocide Is Permissable." PDF copy — Yochanan Gordon (@YochananGordon) August 1, 2014 Author Yochanan Gordon has accused The Times of Israel of “caving to pressure” for removing his blog post on their site entitled ‘When Genocide is Permissible’. You can read the full article here. Gordon concludes his article: “Everyone agrees that Israel has the right … Read More

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Racism In Ireland. A Quarterly Report from

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A new report comprehensively examines incidents of racism in Ireland and examines the State’s response. Compiled by the report examines the first quarter of 2014. Of 112 reported racist incidents in the first three months of the year… Fourteen assaults were reported… Two of the victims were reported as hospitalised as a result of the violence, one of which involved the victim being kicked unconscious, the other a punch … Read More

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There Is Something You Can Do.

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Today the Seanad returns from holiday to discuss the Israeli assault on Gaza and question Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan on the Government’s ‘Record’ in dealing with the ongoing atrocities. It is expected serious questions will be put to Flanagan about Ireland’s abstention from the UN committee vote for an international commission of inquiry into the Israeli attacks. Ireland’s Ambassador to the UN, Patricia O’Brien had earlier condemned the slaughter saying Irish people … Read More

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Holidays And Other People’s Misery.

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Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has written to the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny asking him to recall the Dáil to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the response of the Irish Government.   Two chances Gerry. Here’s what he wrote: “Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Irish towns and cities in recent days to express their outrage at the indiscriminate killing of Palestinian men, … Read More