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The Boogeyman of Balance.

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Listening to Marian Finucane interviewing anyone on a Sunday morning can be a slog but sometimes she makes a comment that sheds light on the modus operandi of the national broadcaster. Her “from both sides” comment when interviewing Katie Ascough last November got Sean Finnan thinking about RTÉ’s juggling act when it comes to balance.

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Meanwhile In Montrose.

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Above: Some sort of grotesque sick nightmare that crawled out of the mind of Darragh Lynch. Shudder. Has anyone else noticed RTE’s attempt to kickstart a national conversation on class for the Autumn? Mark Cullinane sticks on his waders and takes a look in the ideological sewers of the national broadcaster and finds a few funny smells in its recent day to day and documentary programming. “Are there distinct classes to which we all … Read More

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Left In the Cold.

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Last year playwright Alan O’Brien won the PJ O’Connor Award for Best New Radio Drama with Snow Falls and So Do We. rabble sent Sean Finnan along to chat to Alan about the play and why he refused RTÉ permission to broadcast the drama. So I guess to start with, what’s the play about? It was inspired by the death of Rachel Peavoy. When that happened I was amongst many … Read More

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Gombeen #12

In #rabble12, Blog, Culture, Gombeen, Humour, Illustration, Politics, Print Editionby Scratch dat itch1 Comment

People don’t get corrupted but they do get deceived. The gombeen has been transformed from the days of collecting the landlord’s rent to now sowing regime illusions. The monster propaganda machine (RRR T EEEE!!) has no more important role within it than to anchor the Late Late. The host, the self-confessed nerd, the Blackrock boy, the Peter Pan of Donnybrook, known to us as Ryan Tubridy, is there to tell … Read More

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The Regime’s Ship Of Fools.

In #rabble12, Culture, Highlights, Politicsby Seamus L. Moore5 Comments

Most of us are familiar with RTÉ’s bias, be it through cosying up to government quarters, lambasting Sinn Fein, or constant under reporting of anti-water charge protests. Seamus L Moore takes a look at their role and service as the national public broadcaster and sets out to answer the age old question of why is RTÉ so shite?

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Meanwhile on RT…eh?

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Maybe we’re being hyper-sensitive, but it’s doubtful “junkie” is a term found in the RTE style guide for social media managers.

Especially as one to reach for when promoting a programme about how sound The Guards are. The victim of the assault in question even uses the term “drug user”.

There’s not even the subtlety of a quotation mark to keep the term at arms length.

When even government ministers have been taking bold steps towards drug decriminalisation, rehabilitation and safe “shooting gallery” injection clinics, this derogatory catch-all term belongs to a time past.

Bad enough they’ve tossed money into a fluff piece for The Guards.

We’ve looked at RTE’s use of accents previously.

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And Now For More Hardship.

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Meet the O’Keefe family, flat broke and facing the full brunt of a Labour/Fine Gael coalition. How do they fare? More timely gold from the RTE archive. This one from 1976 and looking at one of the harshest budgets in the history of the state. “On 28 January 1976 Minister for Finance Richie Ryan introduced the final budget of the Fine Gael/Labour coalition. Described as the toughest budget since the … Read More

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Talking Boat My Generation.

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  Here’s the clip of Blindboy Boatclub from the Rubbber Bandits that everyone’s talking about today. Save yourself the torture of the RTE Player or too much time with Tubs and stick to this extract. A no nonsense display. Well done sir.