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Ballyhea, Ho – Let’s Go!

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  An attempted military coup led Donncha Ó Briain to produce the acclaimed Chavez: Inside The Coup. He’s back with a new documentary that traces the humdrum of those rare Irish social movements fighting against austerity. Rashers Tierney quizzes him on it .   Peripheral Vision is the title of the documentary. Can you tell me where that came from? It seems to suggest that the sort of movements you … Read More

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Kaos on the Streets

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During her recent visit to Ireland to mark pride celebrations, we managed to catch up over a beer with Nevin Öztop. She’s the editor-in-chief of Koas GL, the magazine for Turkey’s LGBT representative organisation and we thought we’d corner her for a few insights into life as an activist during the recent and ongoing street protests in her homeland. Firstly perhaps you could tell us how quickly you adapted to … Read More

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A Summer Holiday

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 Tear gas. Sirens. Stinging, streaming eyes see paramilitary police with automatic weapons chase gas-masked protesters on wet streets. Burning skin. Makeshift medical centres, injured and bloodied bodies. I hadn’t intended it to be like that. I travelled to Istanbul on May 29th for a holiday. The first day panned out as expected – kebaps, sun in Gulhane Park, a visit to Dolmabahçe Palace. But on the morning of the second … Read More

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Turkish Protests: Sixth Death as Struggle Renews

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On Monday the mass protest movement in Turkey was given another martyr. 22-year-old Ahmet Atakan died in a confrontation with police in the Armutlu district of Antakya in the southern Hatay province. Protestors and witnesses say he died after being shot in the head with a gas canister. The local governor’s office and state TV deny this, saying he fell from a building. Selim Matkap, head of Hatay’s chamber of … Read More

Good Luck and Good Riddance.

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Conor McCabe and others lay the Celtic Tiger to rest… From the Celtic Tiger wake that happened a few weeks ago. We had a few words with the event organiser, Tommy Soro where he gave some background to the event before it took place. So you are having a wake for the Celtic Tiger. Why in heaven? Has the nail not been firmly hammered into that fuckers casket for half a … Read More

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Run Rabbitte Run

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On the evening the Garda Síochana (Amendment) Bill 2013 was being debated in the Dáil, the government benches were left empty. Not a fuck was given. The Irish papers today are decrying the ‘Terrifying’ (Mirror) scenes as Pateen ‘was beset by a group of more than 40 splinter republican and left-wing supporters tonight as he tried to enjoy a pint’ (Irish Times). He was ‘jostled and abused’ (Irish Independent). Harry … Read More

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Shatter Hypocrisy

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  On this morning’s Pat Kenny Today programme on RTE Radio 1, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter spoke about the upcoming Loyalist march in Dublin. Following an unprompted verbal attack on republicanism Shatter went on to say that he expected that the marchers had every right to express themselves and the Gardaí would ensure this would happen “I know that the gardaí will undertake any preparation necessary to ensure that … Read More

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Democracy comes visiting

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‘The right of the citizens to assemble peaceably and without arms.’ Article 40.6 Irish Constitution. As your rabble roving reporter was walking down a drizzly Dame St. this evening Gardaí came running through traffic to intercept two men with Palestinian flags in front of Eddie Rockets, pulled them across the street where one of them was arrested and taken away in a Garda van. 100 yards further up the street pedestrians … Read More