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So What’s The Story With Abortion By Post?

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While Ireland continually grapples over the morality of other peoples choices the rest of world has been developing technologies and medicines for safer, quicker more efficient pregnancy terminations and has being doing so for decades now. Sheila Lafferty takes a look at the abortion pill. Every year 42 million women worldwide choose to have an abortion. This aspect of reality just doesn’t get discussed in Ireland. Many people residing here … Read More

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A Very Special XMash Take Five.

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  Season to be merry? Season to take a machine gun to the streets a la Michael Douglas more like. “Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with this picture?!” A heartfelt ‘Bah Humbug’ from all here at rabble towers!     1. Christmas Jumpers This pursuit was, until recently, confined only to the realm of cute grandads and Gay Byrne. Not, unfortunately, anymore. The silly christmas jumper has become a … Read More

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A Battle Fought Before.

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In recent months there has been a plethora of housing action campaigns established, all wishing to raise awareness around the issue of working class housing (or the lack of it) in Ireland today.  Donal Fallon takes us back to the crowbar brigades and squatting tactics of the 1960s’ Dublin Housing Action Campaign. The 1960s witnessed very real agitation on the issue of housing, with the establishment of the Dublin Housing … Read More

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A Chat With The Mad Professor.

In Uncategorizedby Tommy Rash

Tommy Rash had an extended chat with dub reggae producer extraordinaire and all round ledgebag The Mad Professor. It starts off with calypso but takes in punk, ebola and even the Hot House fecking Flowers along the way. Jump to the end for details on how to nab tickets to his World Music Embassy gigs.   Do you remember the last time you were over in Ireland? Laughs.. No I don’t! … Read More

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Stories, Stigma And A Smidgen Of Funding.

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The nation is set to speak with their feet on Saturday and snake through Dublin’s most trod upon tarmac asking the Government once more to wake up, cop on and unlatch itself from the the Church’s cracked leaky nipple and legalise abortion. There has been a small project counter-acting the silence on abortion alongside these marches for a few years now. This year it has itself a smidgen of funding. … Read More

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Get A Clu.

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We’ve another pair of Fringe tickets to give away. This time for Clu’s audio visual show on Saturday night. Clu peddle a brand of electronica that would lend itself well to soundtracks. Hence this audio visual hook up no doubt. Sean Cooley who’s one half of  Clu  dropped us a mail about their show in the Fringe saying: “Just dropping you a line as might be interested, I produce under … Read More

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Moving On With Stuff.

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Britain’s leading gadget mag, Stuff, is dropping the ‘bikini cover’ for tech oriented material.   It admits readers are uncomfortable with the image of tech as a lads’ preserve and it’s time to move on. The magazine first decided to drop the women from its covers back in 2013, and since then has been carrying out focus groups and research. Stuff’s focus groups and trial covers found that sales went up … Read More

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#rabbleReels: The People’s Internet

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We came across a website that stoked our wildest William Gibson-esque fantasies a few weeks ago. It looks exactly like something stumbled upon by Mulder and Scully when hanging out with those three nerd dudes that frequented some of the more paranoid episodes. Way back when the internet was still something you’d only see on yanky TV, there was a movement of people to set up their own social networks … Read More