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Sticking Up For Choice.

In #rabble6, Culture, Interviews, Politics, Print Editionby Aoife Campbell6 Comments

Stickers, fly-postering and generally getting creative with a sharpie are Dublin traditions at this stage. Whether it is rival football teams, antifascist sketches, maser designs or penned declarations of teenage love. But a recent wave of feminist activity has got the locals a flutter to the extent that it was even covered by those virtuosos of women’s rights VICE magazine. Aoife Campbell investigates… Women On Web are a non-profit group … Read More

Anti-choice behind Fr Iggy’s downfall

In Blog, Politicsby Oireachtas Retort2 Comments

Fresh from monumental defeat our old friends turn their attention to dissident clergy. Why lick wounds when the dwindling Irish anti-choice can eat itself? Oireachtas Retort investigates. The spectre of Vatican espionage was a persistent bogeyman in the fledgling Irish state. While events like the 1932 Eucharistic Congress and wider state policy did much to cement Roman hegemony, the eyes and ears of il Papa remained necessary in urban legend … Read More

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Pro Life Platitudes.

In Blogby Rashers Tierney1 Comment

As if the debate last night wasn’t sickening enough, here’s a reminder of the more spectacular numb-nut statements from the rosary bead brigade.

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Youth Defence flouts DCC rules

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn48 Comments

  *Updated* Is Youth Defence breaking by-laws to continue their anti-choice poster campaign? Dublin City Council allows postering on their property (e.g. lamposts) within strict guidelines (here). Posters may only be posted for specific events and/or meetings. They must be posted within 7 days of the event/meeting and taken down within 7 days of the event/meeting’s finish. Youth Defence recently posted the posters (above) across the city to advertise a … Read More

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Twenty years too late…

In Blog, History, Politicsby Peg Leeson6 Comments

Savita may still have died even if the current draft legislation for X was in place. Last night the government published the Heads of Bills for legislation on X, twenty-one years and two referendums later. While the move is welcomed as a first step towards recognising a woman’s right to life, health and bodily autonomy it easily disappoints. A feeling you’ve became more than familiar with when you think of the current FG/Labour coalition. … Read More

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Action on X

In Blog, Politicsby FedaynLeave a Comment

Hundreds gathered at the Central Bank and walked to City Hall for a demonstration calling for legislation on the X case. Sinead Kennedy of Action on X spoke to the crowd: When it comes to protecting bankers they can keep the Dáil open late and introduce emergency legislation, but when it comes to protecting women’s lives there is delay, after delay, after delay Many other speakers called for legislation, the honouring … Read More

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RTE is ‘Anti-Catholic’

In Blog, Cultureby Fedayn30 Comments

If you didn’t catch RTÉ’s The Late Debate on Thursday night last (in a week awash with RTÉ fawning over the exit of the Pope from office) then we highly recommend catching up now. MP3 from the RTÉ website can be downloaded here Fr. Joe Mcdonald of Ballyfermot and Senator Ronan Mullen of LaLa Land first complained that there was an atheist on the panel before rounding on an abuse … Read More

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66% ‘back status quo on abortion’..really?

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn12 Comments

We know that the American backed right-wing fundamentalist lobby that runs the so-called Pro-Life movement here has become far more media savvy in the last couple of decades. Rarely now do we see known fascists on stage, or their leaders sharing space with neo-nazis in Europe for instance. Behind the propaganda and lies they run a slick misleading machines. For instance the main news in Ireland this evening carried the … Read More

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Choose. Life.

In Blog, Cultureby Fedayn5 Comments

The main photo was taken tonight at the Life House on Capel St. in Dublin. It features pages from this evening’s Evening Herald which carries the leaked report on the death of Savita Halappanavar. The Life House is situated on possibly the most contradictory corner in any European capital. The Life House itself on the corner of Capel and Parnell St in distinctive red and white represents numerous, supposedly different … Read More

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Savita and the real ‘culture of death’

In Blog, Politicsby Fedayn3 Comments

  The draft report into the death of Savita Halappanaavar has been issued to all parties involved. James Reilly the hugely controversial minister for health says he hasn’t seen it yet. Someone should get him a copy of the Evening Herald. According to the report the infection that contributed to Savita’s death went undiagnosed for three days at Galway University Hospital. It adds that by the time she was admitted to … Read More