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Fascism Is Back In Spain.

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Journalism is no longer possible in Spain as new laws ban photographing security forces.   Strange the media silence in Ireland and Britain over this. Here are some of the fines and results of the latest Spanish laws enacted this month. 1. Photographing or recording police – 600 to 30.000€ fine. 2. Peaceful disobedience to authority – 600 to 30.000€ fine. 3. Occupying banks as means of protest – 600 to … Read More

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A Battle Fought Before.

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In recent months there has been a plethora of housing action campaigns established, all wishing to raise awareness around the issue of working class housing (or the lack of it) in Ireland today.  Donal Fallon takes us back to the crowbar brigades and squatting tactics of the 1960s’ Dublin Housing Action Campaign. The 1960s witnessed very real agitation on the issue of housing, with the establishment of the Dublin Housing … Read More

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Stark Contrasts In Protest Policing By Gardaí.

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Post by Alan Lawes. Alan Lawes of the National Citizens Movement visited the Kepak factory in Clonee, Co.Meath which has been effectively shut down by protesting farmers. Despite the presence of over 200 protestors and a factory being locked down for 48 hours he was surprised to find only one Garda present and no action being taken against the protestors. The video highlights a perceived contrast between how a protest orchestrated by … Read More

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Red Herring Is A Dish Best Served Cold.

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Pat Rabbitte’s been on the radio harrumphing about water protests, sure that’s what you do when it’s not an election. Pat was on Morning Ireland laughing at the idea that Irish Water would ever be privatised: “So, there is no danger, it’s an entire red herring about privatisation of water services. There won’t be any privatisation of water services. No Government with its head screwed on would seek to privatise something … Read More

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Stories, Stigma And A Smidgen Of Funding.

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The nation is set to speak with their feet on Saturday and snake through Dublin’s most trod upon tarmac asking the Government once more to wake up, cop on and unlatch itself from the the Church’s cracked leaky nipple and legalise abortion. There has been a small project counter-acting the silence on abortion alongside these marches for a few years now. This year it has itself a smidgen of funding. … Read More

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Athlone Asylum Seekers Refuse Food.

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  Reports have just come in, via the Irish Refugee Council, that the residents of Lissywollen Direct Provision Centre in Athlone have been refusing food since yesterday. Those living there collectively outlined their main frustrations with management of the centre at the start of the month. So, far there has been no response. This not the first time that the catering company involved in running the centre has been shy when faced … Read More

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Ambush 2004 Video.

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Remember earlier in the week we highlighted how it was a decade since anti-war protests greeted George Bush at Shannon Airport? Well, a missing video put out under the banner of at the time has just materialised online. Age had wiped the dance block, seizure of the armoured personal carriers and the trad session abusing the pigs clear from our memory. Thanks to Polly Genic for the hard drive salvaging.

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Tear Gas At The World Cup.

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A woman, homeless after being evicted from her home at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, makes it clear what many millions of Brazilians think of the new FIFA Corporatocracy they live in.   This is a shame! They’re doing it all over again! Silently, overnight! The politicians ordered it! Eduardo Paes (Rio’s mayor) and Pazao (Rio’s governor) ordered it! Demand that they evict and hit our children! Instead of providing … Read More

Meanwhile In Palestine…

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A still from a photo essay by Anne Paq on subcultures in Gaza which appeared in Paris Match. The collection is called Not A Dreamland and it traces how artists survive and eek out an existence in between the cracks of the occupation. Dina Matar, a member of the artist collective Iltiqua told her: “There was an exhibition in Jordan, but I could not send my works. In Gaza, finding material … Read More

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Madrid Firemen Gamonalise

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Firefighters in Madrid are refusing to cooperate with security services against the public. The Madrid firefighters have announced that they will not participate professionally in situations of social protest if the police are to be present. This is in solidarity with the fireman who was arrested while carrying out his duty in the Gamonal protests. That was the last straw in a growing sense of unease at being asked to … Read More